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GoGo CoShea

GoGo 19 Roll-On (Immunity support detox treatment)

GoGo 19 Roll-On (Immunity support detox treatment)

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Blend of 38 herbs and oils to help build and strengthen the immune system and fight viral.microbial & infectious diseases.

  • Flu
  • All microbial infections
  • All viral infections
  • Boils
  • All bacterial infections
  • Detox Lymphatic system
  • PURIFY blood

Apply on neck, back of neck(central nervous system),lymph nodes, collar bone,chest, back & bottom of feet at night up to 5X’s a day to boost immunity,detox inflammation & infections.



3oz. Roll-On

16oz. GoGo 19 whips available 

Scent: Jolly Rancher Fruit Punch

📣Please note:📣

📣Three 3oz. Bottles shown in picture 

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