Well where should I start? I have been using your your butta since the beginning and my skin is so soft and smooth, I love the scents and texture. The chest congest is the truth I don't have to use my inhaler when I use it. The flu buster really helps keep my family clear of the germs. My husband loves his beard gang and working man butter.

We wish you the best and recommend your products to our friends and family.

 Tammy, Dayton, OH


Thank you for clearing up my Rosacea I used your butter for 2 weeks and it cleared it right up. That was 6 months ago and it has not returned. Does that mean it healed from within? My doctor said it was like I never had it. Thank you!
 Ginger, Buford, GA


I highly recommend GoGo CoShea and the products, great scents for everything! I was delighted to be a trial rep for you helped me in so many ways. Thank you!
 Tamara, Phoenix, Az. Aug. 2017


 I love the texture and scents, my smooth skin is definitely a bonus!
Angela, Nashville, TN Oct. 2017


 I got my order for whips and can tell a big difference in my skin thank you my skin loves you!
 Roberta, Knoxville,TN  Oct./2017


 This flu buster you gave me last year knocked out my flu in 3 days. In my house we must have this.
Sandra, Nashville,TN  Nov, 2017 


 My daughter started using GoGoCoshea Eczema butta on March 10, 2018 and by March 20, 2018 it was completely cleared up.Thank you we love your butta!
 Tanya, Hendersonville, TN. Mar. 2018


 My granny loves your products and swears by your Gout butta that she has used for 4 months and no gout flare ups.
Kimberly, Fayetteville, TN Aug. 2018 


 Slim & Bougie, I love the name! I'm down 20lbs.and 3 inches in 90 days.
Connie, Atlanta, Ga Nov. 2018


I had no idea that I had so much sludge in my body I feel so much better after using Slim & Bougie.
Marilyn, Kansas City, Mo June 2017


 I love your fat burner it's so natural and really works I added Slim & Bougie to my daily workout a month ago and can definitely tell a big difference in my energy and fatigue levels. I'm excited to see what the next 30 days bring.
15 lbs down
 Amber, Los Angeles, CA  Nov. 2018


 Hello my church member referred me to you she said you really turned her gout around. I suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis and she said you can help me with my swollen achy joints. Aug 2018

Update:  I am very please with your butter it has really helped my achy joints and the swelling Your butter is much better then the meds.

 Virginia, Nashville, TN. Dec. 2018



Hello I'm currently using your Saggin TaTa's butter and I absolutely love it  after 30 days my boobs are becoming perky and lifted!

I'm trying to reorder but I don't see it on the website yet please email me I need it asap.

 Cameron, Louisville, Ky.  Dec. 2018


Meeting you that day in the parking lot was the best day of my life! You said OMG are you in pain? I said yeah just a lil. Your reply was thats more then a lil pain sir but let me help you and before I could say no you gave me 2 containers of butter 1 for Fibromyalgia and 1Rheumatoid. The 1st night I put them both on and slept 10 hrs straight and then the pain started going away by the 3 day! I'm so grateful that you saw my struggle and reached out you saw no color or age I'm a old war veteran and will be sending my buddies to you.

Thank you again

War Vet.

 Thomas, Old Hickory, TN. Oct. 2018


 I love #SlimNBougie!
I follow you on IG and love your products I have lost 15 lbs. and no constipation anymore.
 Shay, Nashville, TN. Oct. 2018


 Hello GoGo Coshea I'm currently using the Slim and Bougie and wanted to thank you for making this product. I suffer from chronic constipation and it has helped me tremendously. I'll be reordering soon.
 Tammy, Monteagle,TN


 I have used Slim and Bougie for 3 months. I have lost 20 lbs without working out. It has curved my appetite and no sweet cravings. I'm sooooooo looking forward to the next 3 months.
219lbs to 199lbs
I'm on my way!
P.s. Thank you for the motivation!
 Amber, Nashville,TN. Dec. 2018


 My kids skin loves you, Thank you for your eczema whips IT'S CRACK FOR THE SKIN FRFR!
 Rhonda, Nashville,TN. Oct. 2017


 I started using your SlimNBougie in Feb. 2018 I had high BP and High cholesterol. As of today Dec.10, 2018 my doctor has advise me he will be taking me off my cholesterol meds as of today and coming off my BP meds next month. Thank you very much you definitely know what you are talking about because my doctor said if you burn the fat in the liver you will lose weight and eliminate inflammation, actually what you said. Thanks again!
 Andrea, Hendersonville,TN. Dec. 2018
 Very impressed with your products nothing has cleared up my psosoris, I like this butter. I just recorded!
 Tammy R., Chicago, IL Nov. 2018


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