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Back Phat Whips

Back Phat Whips

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This formula is designed to help maintain weight loss after you have reached your ideal weight and help burn back fat also.

Made with over 30 herbs and oils infused into Shea butter and other butters & oils. 


This formula is designed to abolish hidden body fat which is fat stored and wrapped around the organs, including the liver and intestines and we can BURN IT NATURALLY!

Made with over 30 herbs and oils infused.

• Subcutaneous fat 

· weight loss 

· fat burner

• abdominal fat

• visceral body fat burner

· Stomach problems/diseases 

• Constipation


• High BP/ Cholesterol


Massage on stomach, back fat and lower abdomen 2-3X's a day consistently to maintain weight loss goals.




• weight loss maintenance 

• fat burner

• bloated stomach 

• weight loss

• healthy gut









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